Numotizine Ointment/Poultice
Numotizine Ointment Numotizine Poultice



NUMOTIZINE® has been relieving pain and reducing inflammation for over a century. Many of our customers have used NUMOTIZINE® for generations.


Hobart Laboratories, Inc. is the original manufacturer of NUMOTIZINE® and is still making it today!


NUMOTIZINE® Ointment is used as an over the counter topical analgesic in the form of an ointment for temporary relief of muscle pain, soreness, stiffness, strains, sprains, and ligament and tendon injuries and arthritis.


Originally made for people, NUMOTIZINE® has been expanded to a Veterinary Poultice with amazing relief for the sore stiff leg, sprains, tendinitis, bruises and effective for painful swellings. It can be applied to areas of fresh muscular injury, bites and abscesses. NUMOTIZINE® poultice is known in the veterinary area as "the pink stuff", and has been widely used for decades for race horses especially.


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