About Hobart Laboratories & Numotizine®

NUMOTIZINE® was first manufactured in 1905 in HOBART, Oklahoma by Dr. Samuel Gotcher, because of the need for a solution to pneumonia. Dr. Gotcher patented Pneumo-Phthysine, NUMOTIZINE® in the form of a poultice for external use.

Later on, after studies were conducted, we introduced NUMOTIZINE® to the veterinary field for use on horses. “Numo” was very well received and continues to grow based on testimonials, word-of-mouth – and by its effectiveness!

Throughout the years we have learned about an extensive number of other uses from our customers. Personal Care Products by Hobart Laboratories Inc. introduces a topical analgesic ointment that helps relieve sore muscles and arthritis at the source with soothing menthol relief.