Reviews for Numotizine® Poultice

I have a horse that needed to have 2 screws put into his ankle a few months ago. I used Numotizine® for the first week, then switched to another poultice. Not only did the ankle swell up to almost double the size that it had been, but it was also much more painful. I went back to Numotizine® and within 2 days it was back to a good size. I don't know why Numotizine® works so much better, but I can honestly tell you there is a difference. Not all poultice is made the same."

– Donna, Florida

"Numo" is highly recommended in my area. I gave it a try one day when my horse developed wind puff's on his hind legs. After 2 applications of Numotizine®, the swelling had drastically decreased!!! I was so impressed. Although wind puff's never truly go away in most cases, my horse was back to his normal self after those applications and that is why I will always have Numotizine® in my barn!"

– K. Daniel

"I think you can be very proud of a company that has been in business as long as Hobart Labs. I think one of the main things that has contributed to its success is results, and I can certainly see we have experienced this. We have been in the livestock business (horses) for about forty years. We have found Numotizine® Cataplasm very effective in drawing out and relieving soreness, reducing swelling and preventing fly strikes on open wounds.

Sometimes on horses, we will apply Numotizine® and then cover it with a plastic wrap under an ace bandage. This drives the product deeper into the affected area, and reduce healing time.

 Thanks again for a great product. Hope to use it for many more years."

– J. Baccei, Colorado

"Aloha! This is a testimonial regarding how I use Numotizine® for hoof abscesses. I have three Arabian mares who live in an open barn and large paddock on my property in Waimanalo, Hawaii. Our annual rainfall is 60 to 100 inches of rain per year. In the last 3 or 4 years we have had two or three times that amount of rain. Despite my best efforts at foot care, feeding for strong hooves, and keeping the wood chip bedding fresh in the barn, the horses do get abscesses from time to time. My standard treatment, if I notice anybody favoring a foot, is to pick out the foot and brush it clean. I make a stack of three single layer pieces of 4"x4" gauze and use a putty knife or spoon to spread a generous layer of Numotizine® over the gauze. I place the gauze on the foot, Numotizine® side against the sole. I wrap about 2 feet of vet wrap around the foot, securing the gauze in place. Then I place the foot in a Renegade hoof boot with the upper pastern strap velcroed in place but able to release if the boot gets caught on something. The whole thing takes about 5 minutes. Wearing the boot, a horse can move around, even in a wet or muddy environment with the Numotizine® doing its job. Usually the horse is no longer lame within 2 days. Typically, I leave the boot on for a few more days till I am confident that the hoof has healed. I redo the gauze and Numotizine® about every three days. In the great majority of cases the hoof heals internally, without breaking out by the coronet band. The Numotizine® and gauze stay sweet smelling even if the horse is walking through wet or muddy areas. Years ago, I used to soak abscessed hooves. It was hard work, even with horses that cooperated. This way is easy and effective, even with my mares who used to be nervous about me fussing with their feet.. Numotizine® is a great product and smells good too! Thanks!"

– Elizabeth Martinez