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Personal Care Products – Leave the pain behind and get back to living!

Based on our tried-and-true Numotizine® formula, Personal Care Ointment by Hobart Laboratories, Inc. provides temporary pain relief of muscle, ligament and tendon injuries, pain and arthritis. From athletes to retirees and from gardeners to laborers, Numotizine® Ointment is a topical analgesic that helps relieve sore muscles and arthritis at the source with soothing menthol relief.

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Directions for Use – Numotizine® Personal Care Ointment

Stir in any liquid at top of jar. Keep sealed when not in use. Spread 1/8" to 1/4" of ointment to the skin. Cover the ointment with a cloth or bandage to protect clothing. Remove with warm water before totally dry (usually 8 to 12 hours). Application may be repeated every 12 hours as needed.


Stop use and ask a doctor if:

  • Excessive irritation of the skin occurs
  • Persistent swelling


For external use only. Use only as directed. Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes. Do not apply to irritated or broken skin or to large areas of the body. Keep out of reach of children.


Drug Facts / Active Ingredients:
Menthol – 1.25%; Purpose: Topical Analgesic


Inactive Ingredients:
Clay, Color, Fragrance of Guaiacol, Methyl guaiacol and Oil of Wintergreen, Polyols



Hobart Laboratories Inc. HAS NOT MADE Numotizine® Cataplasm since March of 2020.

Any Numotizine® Cataplasm with expiration date later than March 2025, is FAKE Numotizine®  Cataplasm and is not made by Hobart Laboratories Inc. in our U.S.A. FDA regulated facility.

Hobart Laboratories Inc. produced and sold Numotizine® Ointment in February 2011 in the USA and began exporting this to Hong Kong in November 2022.


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