Reviews for Personal Care Products by Hobart Laboratories Inc.

An older lady told me about this. She said it saved her son's life many years ago. This stuff is amazing! It got my granddaughter through a serious case of RSV a few years ago and is being a lifesaver right now. I came down with COVID-19 five days ago. I have been using Numotizine® and the results are impressive. I have a friend that is a doctor and she said she was amazed at my lack of cough. This stuff just seems to relax my chest.

– Roberta

"I am mobile at 75 years. This product is throughly useful and reliable, it makes my pain tolerable. I am completely satisfied with this product."

– Elva

"I use Numotizine® [Personal Care Products] for relief of severe leg aches. It relieves the pain, reduces swelling and discoloration from blood under the skin."

– Kelli Rocha

"I had some kind of bite on my leg very sore and swollen I used the Numotizine® cream and it drew out the infection and swelling went down within two days. I really like the product."

– Beckie Thorson

"We have used Numotizine® for years. When our kids or us had a bad cold or a lot of congestion we would put Numotizine® on as a poultice or just put some on a piece of foil in the room and the vapors would break up the congestion overnight, with relief in the morning. Now our grandchildren have just used it for the first time after they had colds with congestion. Love the product and we will always have it the house."

– Vic

"Since I was a little girl, my grandmother used Numotizine® [Personal Care Products] ointment for me when I had a sore throat. She would tear off a piece of an old sheet about 2 1/2 feet long. She slathered the ointment onto a small area of the sheet, placed it on my throat, and wrapped the strip of sheet around my neck to keep it secure. By morning the sore throat was gone! I wanted to tell you that Numotizine® has been a trusted part of my life for over 40 years."

– Kathline

"I have been using Numotizine® for over 25 years now. I had bronchitis when I was pregnant with one of my children and they wouldn't give me antibiotics. The numotizine® pulled it all out! Every time I get junk in my throat I use it and by the next morning I am coughing it out. I LOVE this product!!! Thank you!!"

– Terri Hammel

"I am the 4th generation in my family to use Numotizine® on humans and it's because it WORKS! It not only relieves muscle and joint pain, it has kept me repeatedly from giving into bronchitis from severe chest colds. In fact, I'm alive thanks to Numotizne®. It cured double pneumonia in my Mom as a a child, long before antibiotics. The Dr gave her parents no hope of survival, but they wouldn't give up hope, and got out the Numotizine®. I used it on my kids and keep a jar on hand in case one of them need it."

– Sheri

"In 1982, my grandpa passed away and my mom and I moved in with grandma. When that side of the family came to America, they became farmers (not traditional; they grew grapes and made wine). So even though my grandma had been in the city for decades, a lot she did, from cooking to healing, was country based. One such healing item was what everyone in the family called "plaster". And that's damn near what you did to apply the pinkish goop. If your chest was congested. If your throat was sore. Something ached in took an old sheet (or other thin cloth), ripped or cut it into the shape of whatever part of the body it was for, applied the Numotizine® and placed it on the ailment. Next day, the goop had dried and cracked (like dried out river bed clay). In fact, the drier the Numotizine®, the better you felt. Odd. But that damn stuff....horrible cough and an elephant on your chest? Put a plaster on chest & back and next morning, it'll have pulled congestion right out your body. Works better than mustard on bee stings (it will pull poison and even stinger right out). Fluid on your knee? It'll do a damn decent job of helping to relieve some. On and on. I haven't seen it in a store since at least early 90s. Would put an end to Mucinex, all that crooked and sinus bull$!@# meds, most acne meds, trips to the doctor for antibiotics, etc etc. Big pharm couldn't take that hit. Numotizine® isn't the only medicine being pushed out the picture so we're forced to buy high priced meds over and over. Thank you for Numotizine®!"

– Michael

"My mother-in-law has used Numotizine® when raising all four of her children, which the oldest now is 70 years old.  Numotizine® was put on the child when they were fighting a chest cold, bronchitis, severe coughing, or pneumonia.  Numotizine® helped them heal from chest problems and relieved the coughing and be able to sleep through the night because the Numotizine® “expressed the phlegm” in the chest.

We would apply  a thin to thick layer of Numotizine® (depending on the severity of their ailment) onto a washcloth, then pin the washcloth to their night clothes on the front over their chest.  The Numotizine® is in contact with their skin.  We leave it on all night and wash off in the morning.  She used Numotizine® on all four of her children.

My husband still applies Numotizine® on a washcloth and pins to the front of his night clothes before bed most nights.  He has allergies, nasal and bronchial allergies and the Numotizine® helps him sleep through the night.

My nephew was born with many allergies and the summer season was the worst, pollination, etc.  He would stay with us a lot, and at age 3-1/2 we would apply Numotizine® on a washcloth and pin it to his pajamas and it would be in contact with his chest.  We would also apply Numotizine® to another washcloth and pin it to the back of his pajamas and it would be in contact with his back.  The “additional back application was the magic trick! And he then would sleep through the night!” He would take Benadryl but it didn’t help his coughing.  Eventually he grew out of these allergies.

We would say “When it’s sickness time, it’s Numotizine® time”!"

– Karen